Who we are

We meet regularly as a large group, and as three language groups: Mandarin, Cantonese, and English. ICCF strives to be a place where students can share life together and spread the good news about our Lord Jesus Christ.

Meet our 2019-2020 co-workers

Dan's picture
President – Dan

Hi there! My name is Dan Zhang. I’m a second-year Master student in English (Yes, I can help you with your paper, but that’s not the point here. ;p). I got connected to ICCF through Quad Day last year, started going to the weekly meeting on Friday nights, and never left. Initially, what draws me into ICCF was the opportunity to stay in touch with the same group of people on a weekly basis. Gradually, the spiritual conversations and close interactions with some members made ICCF more like home for me. Friday nights became special and refreshing even after a tiresome week. In this new school year, as the President, I’m very excited to work with other members on the committee to make ICCF a home for you! Through our Bible studies and other events, I hope that you will encounter the LORD and find the group of people that will walk with you in this journey of spiritual discovery. It is my prayer that ICCFers will be good witnesses to the LORD on this campus and that ICCF will be a bridge that brings you to where the LORD leads you.

Treasurer – Phoebe

Hey guys, I’m Phoebe. I’m a second-year M.S. student in Information Management. I learned about ICCF through a friend back in Taiwan and had been going to the gatherings on Friday nights ever since I got here. I’ve been a Christian since young, and I enjoy spending time, sharing thoughts, and studying the Bible with ICCFers. There is just so much to gain from ICCF, and I hope we get to grow together in the love of God.

Mandarin Group VP – Lang

My name is Lang and I started a wonderful journey of exploring the relationship with God in 2016. I am currently a PhD student in ECE department in UIUC. I was born in Hebei province in China. I graduated from UESTC in Sichuan, China. My experience in ICCF was great! We learnt Bible, have dinner together and share happiness and sorrow. ICCF is like a family. As a new VP in the Mandarin group, I am excited to talk with you about God and how he has changed my life! There are so many cool people and so much good food in ICCF! You are welcome to join the awesomeness. 🙂

Cantonese VP – Del

Hi, I am Del, a senior physics PhD student that works on bioenergetic systems. I was born and raised up in a Christian family at Hong Kong. I have been a Christian since my youth. However, my spiritual life only came to maturity when I first took part in a short-term mission trip to Singapore in 2012. During the trip, I found myself helpless in sharing the Gospel to a family member who is suffering from an incurable cancer. In my desperation, the Lord empowered me with His words and brought the whole family to Himself through my draggy, poor testimony. Since then, my Lord has been steadily renewing my mindsets and breaking down my various bad habits and distractions from the Lord. This year, as a Vice President for the Cantonese group, I am excited to serve ICCF together with other committee members. In particular, I am excited to make use of failures in my life as reflections of the Lord’s work and mercy on me; Through these, being a helpful companion in our individual spiritual journeys in ICCF.

Bible Study Coordinator – Wayne

I’m Wayne or Chang Shi and I joined ICCF in 2018 after I moved to Champaign. I believed in the Lord in 2014 in a student fellowship in Minnesota. I am deeply grateful for the friends, brothers and sisters in Christ at ICCF. I am especially privileged to coordinate the Bible Study for 2019-2020 school year and I hope to meet you at ICCF as we embark on this wonderful journey to know and love God through His revealed Word for us.

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Worship Team Leader – Ed

I am Ed! I am a Master student studying Geographic Information Science. I got my Bachelor’s Degree right here at the University of Illinois and that’s when I first started attending ICCF. I was invited to Taste of ICCF (awesome activities!) around 8 years ago (long time I know) and the rest is history. I became a Christian right here at ICCF and having been serving at different capacity at my home Church in Chicago such as worship leader and small group leader. As the worship team leader for ICCF , my hope is that all our members will be able to grow closer to each other and to God. This coming year, I hope we will have more time to share about our lives together and food together 🙂

Pastor Mike's Picture
Pastor Mike

I became a follower of Jesus while an undergraduate in biology at the University of Illinois in 1973.  I graduated with my Master’s from Denver Seminary in 1979.  I pastored a church in New York City and did campus ministry at UCLA before returning to Urbana in 1987 to serve the Chinese community.  I currently work with ICCF and the Chinese churches in Champaign, Springfield and Peoria.   I also teach evangelism and missions as a professor at Urbana Theological Seminary.  I obtained my doctorate in intercultural studies from Highland Theological College (Scotland) and Reformed Theological Seminary (USA) in 2012.  I have been married to Gwynne for 41 years and have 5 adult children and 3 grandchildren.  I love to play basketball, guitar and read when I can find time!